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A Dragon's Boy Paperback – Large Print, October 8, 2022 by Andre Townsend (Author)

"Dragon Boy" is a children's novel written by Andre Townsend. The book tells the story of a boy named Luke who discovers that he has the power to breathe fire and communicate with dragons. While Luke is excited about his newfound abilities, they cause problems in his life as people start to fear him. However, Luke's passion for soccer helps him to make friends and earn the respect of his village. As he learns to control his powers, Luke finds a way to use them to help others and ultimately becomes a hero in the eyes of those around him with a twisted ending for the 1st part in a continuing series.

Unpacking Experiences: A Modern English Short Story Collection Paperback – December 2, 2022 by Andre Townsend (Author)

"Unpacked" is a collection of short stories by author Andre Townsend, suitable for readers of all ages. The book is comprised of stories that explore everyday life experiences and the emotions that come with them. The stories cover a wide range of topics, from family relationships to struggles, from love and loss to new beginnings.

100 Inventions: Lightbulbs to Smartphones and Beyond Paperback – March 2, 2023 by Andre Townsend (Author)

"100 Inventions: Lightbulbs to Smartphones and Beyond" is a book that explores the fascinating history and development of human inventions, from the earliest light bulbs to the latest smartphones and beyond. Written for readers of all levels, the book offers an engaging and accessible introduction to the world of innovation and creativity. The book begins by tracing the history of human invention, from the earliest tools and weapons to the development of various appliances, games, and everyday items. It then moves on to explore the major technological breakthroughs of the industrial era, including the bullet train, mechanical pencils, and the airplane.

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